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Death Over Designer

A series of propaganda works that explore the ruthless murders over sneakers.  The sneaker culture is continuously growing and with the rise in popularity comes the rise in sneaker related crimes and murders.


The first piece titled, "The Hunt For The Red Octobers," is a 27" x 40" movie poster.  It is meant to be posted over actual movie posters at theaters.  If a viewer scans the QR code it directs them to a webpage that contains articles about the murders over sneakers.


The second piece titled, "Death Over Designer," is a 13" x 17.5" poster.  This piece is meant to be printed in mass quantities and posted at storefronts that sell sneakers.  This will force sneaker consumers to face the harsh reality of what the sneaker culture has caused.  If a viewer scans the QR codes, it directs them to the same website with the article about murders over sneakers.  

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